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2021/22 UH Online (Distance Learning) Liability Dates

Tuition fee liability dates for UH Online* (distance learning) Courses

For all students studying UH Online* (distance learning)  courses only.  These liablity dates do not apply to short course, Research students or any other programmes.

Each semester has different liability dates depending on when you are studying your module:

Semester A Modules:

 Date  Amount of Tuition Fees you are liable for
4 October 2021  25% liability 
1 November 2021  50% liability
22 November 2021  100% liability 

Semester B Modules:

 Date  Amount of Tuition Fees you are liable for
31 January 2022  25% liability
21 February 2022  50% liability
21 March 2022  100% liability

Semester C modules:

 Date  Amount of Tuition Fees you are liable for
6 June 2022  25% liability 
27 June 2022  50% liability
25 July 2022  100% liability

If you require an invoice please email Student Account Management at

Please see here for the payment options available to UH Online students.


* UH Online refers to the University courses which at the time of initial application by the student are advertised as being an online course, which means that they are designed to be delivered, taught and assessed via web-based learning. UH Online does not refer to any programme which was intended to be campus based and due to circumstances has been amended to be delivered wholly or partly online.

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