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Accessing the Careers and Employment Website and Handshake

Logging into Handshake and the Careers and Employment Website

Logging into Handshake 

We recommend accessing Handshake through the Careers and Employment website: The web address for Handshake is When accessing Handshake for the first-time as a graduate, please make sure you are accessing through your web browser instead of the Handshake App.

The University has created an account for every University of Hertfordshire student and graduate (within 4 years) which is linked to their student account at the University. To access your account, please follow the instructions below: 

Current students  

  1. Students can choose to log into Handshake by choosing ‘Current Student Log-in’ and logging in using your personal University username and password. This will be the same login as you use for all University online services including StudyNet.    
  2. Alternatively, students can sign into the website or app by using their university email address ( 

Graduates (within 4-years) 

  1. Click 'Sign in with your email address' 
  2. Enter your personal email address (please ignore any message you see asking you to enter your email address) 
  3. You'll be directed to set your password 

Logging into the Careers and Employment website 

Here you'll find a wealth of information to support you whatever stage of your career journey you are at. You’ll find support to help you find work and gain valuable experience to land a placement and other graduate opportunities. Discover and develop new career and business skills with expert advice, videos, interactive e-learning courses, tips, and articles. 

Careers and Employment Website: 

  1. Students and Staff - All students will be able to access the Careers and Employment website by clicking on the 'Student/Staff' and using your @herts details. Graduates may still be able to login using this portal for up to 6 months after they graduate. After this, they will need to use the Alumni/Graduate portal.  
  2. Graduates - Graduates have access to the platform for up to 4 years after their course ends.  The first time you log in as a graduate, you'll need to reset your password by using this link: When logging in as a graduate, please login with your personal email address.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

I've followed the steps above and still cannot access my Handshake account - How do I get support in accessing my account? 

It's important that you've checked the details you have entered are correct - Are you using the correct email address? The Careers and Employment team will be able investigate further and talk you through the process of accessing your account if you're unable to gain access via the steps above. Please email 

I am a graduate and did not receive the password reset email from the Careers and Employment website when trying to access my graduate account. How do I resolve this? 

If you are not receiving the Password Reset email, then the Careers and Employment website has not been able to match your email address to an account on the website. If this happens then please email - The Careers and Employment team will be able to investigate the problem and provide access to your account within 1 working day. 

On my account, I receive an alert saying, "Your request to be connected to the University of Hertfordshire has been denied or pending". How do I resolve this?  

If you are seeing this message, then you're logging into the wrong account. If you enter the wrong information, then it's likely you've requested a new account. That account will have been denied which is why you're seeing this message. You need to be logging into the account setup for you by the University because it will be linked to your student account at the university. Please try again to login and email if you are still not able to access the correct account.  

As a graduate, I no longer have access to the email address that my accounts on Handshake and the Careers and Employment website have been registered. What do I need to do? 

Both your Handshake and Careers and Employment website accounts will have been setup with the personal email address within your student record. Firstly, you need to update your email address within your student record. Please contact the Ask Herts team. Handshake will automatically update within 24 hours after you have updated your email address within your student record.  

How do I change my email address in the Careers and Employment website? 

After logging into the Careers and Employment website, you'll be able to update your email address by clicking on 'My Profile'. This can be found in the top right-hand corner when viewing from a computer and under settings from the dropdown menu on the left-handside when viewing from a mobile device.   

Not finding the answer to your question? 

Send your question to Careers and Employment and a member of the team will be in contact with 72 hours. 

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