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Accommodation Support Sessions with Residential Allocations - Online or in Person

Free and confidential one-to-one drop-in services offered to students at the University of Hertfordshire by the Residential AllocationsTeam.

Residential Allocations offer one-to-one drop-in sessions for students who would like support with their application for Accommodation, Room Move requests or Booking Enquiry

To book a drop-in session with us please complete our Drop-in sessions form to let us know what you would like to discuss and when you would like to attend. 

Please note we are not able to discuss any financial information at these sessions.  If you wish to discuss anything to do with your accommodation payments or deposit please contact Student Account Management

These drop-in sessions are aimed at helping you with your on campus accommodation in University Halls of Residence.

So please come in and see us if you have any queries, concerns, or would like some support in any of these areas.

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Residential Allocations

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