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Approved calculators for exams

Restrictions on the makes and models of calculators allowed in exams. Do not risk having your calculator removed in an exam. 

The makes and models of calculators that you can take into an examination are restricted. 

The approved makes & models of calculator, for use in university exams (where permitted) are:

(all variants of the following models) - Casio fx-82, Casio fx-83, Casio fx-85, Casio fx-260, Casio fx-300 & Casio fx-991

For example:

 - Casio fx82MS or Casio fx82WA are approved for use in University exams as they are variants of the Casio fx82 model.
 - Casio fx115MS would be confiscated in an exam because the Casio fx115 is not an approved model of calculator.

Please note, only Casio brand calculators will be permitted. Any calculator in the above model that is not a casio will be removed. 

Any non-approved calculator (or a calculator not easily identified as an approved model - for example with model number removed) will be confiscated by the invigilator until the end of the examination, replacement calculators will not be supplied. 

The lending or sharing of calculators in an examination is not allowed.  If you are found to be sharing a calculator, this will be considered an exam offence. Therefore please ensure your calculator is one of the models listed above. 

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