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Black Lives Matter: Activism and Race Equity course

Learn about Black history and culture

We are running our Black Lives Matter: Activism and Race Equity short course again in the new year.

The course will run across Semesters B and C, from Monday 29 January 2024 until June 2024. 

Units of study will be released every two weeks and the schedule will be available on the Canvas page. Topics include:

  • The founding of the Black Lives Matter movement and its aims and objectives
  • Methods and histories of activism around the world
  • Black history and decolonisation
  • Blackness in the sciences, including health care
  • Black music and film
  • Environmental racism

and much more.

There are no credits associated with the module, but you will gain a digital badge on completion of it. This badge can be added to your LinkedIn, digital CVs, social media, email signatures, etc. It demonstrates your engagement with the module which will be useful for employers and/or future study. 

During the course, you’ll be studying across different subject areas, gaining knowledge in disciplines you may never have studied before. You’ll also develop skills of self-reflection and criticality through the weekly tasks, reading journal, and the final assignment.

There is a final piece of work that you can complete, which will be a project of your own choosing based in your discipline and/or around your interests, and can be presented in different formats such as an essay, art piece, report, video, website, etc. Once submitted, you will have a learning conversation with a staff member to get feedback on your work and to reflect on the process.  

Click to sign up for the module 

You must sign up for the module before 16.00, Thursday 25  January 2024.

If you would like more information, please email the module leader, Chris Lloyd.