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Compelling Personal Reasons (Student Loans Company)

If you have exhausted your Student Finance entitlement due to suspending, withdrawing, repeating or restarting your course, you may be able to obtain an extra year of funding via Compelling Personal Reasons (CPR)

How does CPR work?

  • CPR allows you to provide evidence and explanation to SLC to support your reasons for taking longer than usual to complete your course/reasons for repeating/restarting
  • Possible reasons could iclude: a personal or family crisis or a health issue that has affected your ability to study
  • CPR is awarded at the discretion of the SLC and therefore it is not guaranteed. It is extremely important that you are clear and throrough in what you are trying to achieve with your evidence

What is required to apply for CPR?

When providing your evidence to SLC for CPR, you must clearly demonstrate how the circumstances impacted your ability to study. Your evidence must include:

  • Proof from a professional (Doctors notes, hospital letters, letters from a Social Worker, birth/death certificates etc.) to prove when the circumstances happened and how they had a direct impact on your ability to study to your full potential
  • A supporting letter from your tutor/lecturer (if they were aware of the circumstances affecting your studies) giving their professional opinion that you were unable to study either at all, or to your full potential, at the time
  • A covering letter explaining why you are sending this evidence and how the circumstances reflected within in the evidence directly affected your studies at the time

Can I apply for CPR to be awarded retrospecively?

  • Yes, you can apply for CPR to be awarded to previous academic years; provided that you have the evidence to support this

Where do I send my evidence?

Evidence should be sent by post. To make sure that you are sending your evidence to the correct address, please contact SFE 


PLEASE NOTE: The advice contained within this page applies to undergraduate students only.


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