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Consent to Share - Student Finance

Consent to Share is verbal authorisation which allows Student Finance England to provide your account information with the exception of your bank details - to the University's Student Funding and Financial Support Team

Why should I set this up?

The Student Funding and Financial Support team can contact the Student Loans Company on your behalf with general queries regarding your Student Finance application, but Student Finance England (SFE) are limited on the information they can disclose to us without the student's Consent to Share (CTS)

Once CTS is set up, SFE will be able to discuss your application in detail with us. This means that if there are any ongoing problems or complications with your application, we can work out the steps required to resolve the issue and advise you accordingly. 

How do I set up CTS with Student Finance England?

Please upload your CTS Form to your SFE portal for this to be processed and for your CTS to be granted;
Consent to Share Form (

If you are unable to complete and upload the above form for any reason, please either write to, or contact SFE on 0300 100 0607 and advise that you wish to set up Consent to Share to allow your University to contact SFE on your behalf. To set up CTS, you will need to provide SFE with the following:

  • Your Customer Reference Number
  • Our full name - University of Hertfordshire
  • Our relationship to you - University
  • A password, which you choose and must provide to us - we recommend using something like Herts1
  • Confirmation of the date until CTS expires. This can be a specific date such as the end of the academic year, or it can be the date that you should complete your course

One-off Consent to Share

You can give permission for the Student Funding and Financial Support Team to speak with SFE as long as you are on the phone with us. You must provide verbal consent so that we can speak on your behalf, request information about your account and ask for forms or letter to be sent to you. Unfortunately, one-off CTS will not allow us request account updates or access or change payment information. You must verbally ask for these changes yourself.

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