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Coursework Extensions

Information and advice about coursework extensions

What is an extension?

An extension is permission to hand in a piece of assessed work after the published hand-in date without incurring a penalty.  Acceptance is discretionary and can only be agreed by the designated person in your School. You do not have an automatic right to an extension.


  1. Normally a coursework extension will be for up to a maximum of 10 working days, but there may be circumstances where the maximum of 10 working days is not possible because of the nature of the assessment or its position in the programme. In such cases this will be made clear to students.
  2. Whilst an extension can be requested any time up until the coursework deadline, it is reasonable to expect that it may take up to two working days after receipt of the request to confirm whether or not the request has been accepted.
  3. Whilst students are not required to supply evidence in support of their claim for an extension, they are expected to provide a reason(s) in writing for requesting an extension.

You should find out the details of who to ask for an extension in your module /programme information.

For more information, guidance and any forms, please contact your Tutor/Module Leader/Programme Leader.