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Coursework Extensions

Information and advice about coursework extensions

What is a coursework extension?

A coursework extension is permission to hand in an assessment after the published deadline without either incurring a penalty or waiting to re-take an alternative assessment as a referred or deferred student. 

Further information about this policy is available here  UPR AS12 Appendix 1, Section 4.2.

Coursework extensions are not automatic, permission must be granted.

Students must fully read the information below:

   1.  Students must request a coursework extension from the person(s) or follow the the process identified in their programme information. 

   2.  Students must provide the reason(s) in writing for requesting an extension but are not required to provide documentary evidence to support this. The required number of days should be clearly specified in the request and the maximum number of days an extention may be granted for is seven (7) calendar days or ten (10) calendar days for a student with a Student Needs Agreement. 

   3.  Due to the nature of some assessments, extensions may not be possible, or not possible for the maximum of seven (7) calendar days or ten (10) calendar days for a student with a Student Needs Agreement. In such cases this will be made clear to students in the assessment brief /module information.

   4.  The coursework extension can be requested any time up until the coursework deadline. It is reasonable to expect that it may take up to two (2) working days after receipt of the request to confirm whether the request has been accepted or not accepted.

   5.  If the coursework extension has been granted, students should expect to receive their coursework with feedback return to them, no later than four (4) calendar weeks after the expiration of the maximum extension period available for the particular module. This is regardless of the period of extension granted or when the work was actually submitted.

Students should find out the details of who to ask for an extension in their module /programme information.

For more information, guidance and any forms, please contact your Personal Tutor/Module Leader/Programme Leader.