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Elective Modules

Full-time students are able to register to study some additional modules that are not part of their programme of study. These can be taken in assessed mode or attendance only mode.

Who is eligible?

If you are a full-time student (in other words, you are studying at least ninety credits of modules during Semesters A plus B), you are also able to register to study up to thirty credits of additional modules that are not part of your normal programme of study.

Which modules are available?

The elective modules can be taken from any discipline area in the University, subject to availability and module prerequisites (see below). For instance, these modules could be in subjects allied to your own degree studies, or they could be from a totally different subject area. Please take advice on the suitability of these modules before you register. Many modules assume prior knowledge in a subject, particularly those at academic levels five, six and seven, and academic staff are not able to provide any additional support to those who do not meet the prerequisites. Also, some modules are timetabled in rooms that limit their availability to additional students, and at times that may clash with your existing timetable. The academic School delivering the module will be able to advise you of availability.

A list of the available modules titles is available on StudyNet.

Please note that in view of the restrictive and specialist nature of some programmes, Schools reserve the right not to offer certain modules on an elective basis.

How to register?

Once you have identified an elective module on which you would like to register, contact your programme administrator via the Ask Herts team who will arrange for this to happen.  Make sure to include your student ID number and full name in your email.

Other things to consider

It is also worth noting that studying elective modules will add to your total study load, and this additional workload will not be considered by an examination board when grading your performance (neither will they contribute towards the classification or credit requirements for your award).

The University therefore encourages students registering on elective modules to take them in an attendance-only mode (rather than requiring assessment to achieve a module grade), in which case these modules would appear with an AT grade against the module on your transcript.

Unless you have indicated otherwise, it will be assumed that you are registering on elective modules in an attendance-only mode. Whichever mode you choose, the grade will appear on your final transcript (whether it is an AT grade or a numeric grade).