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Exams and religious observance

What to do if your religious beliefs conflict with exams

You must inform the Assistant Registrar (Exams and Awards), if you have any religious observance/belief dates during the examination periods that proscribe the taking of examinations during the academic year.

Diversity Calendar

You must declare this information by the following deadlines:

• The deadline for the Semester A exam period (Jan 2024) is Mon 20th November 2023
• The deadline for Semester B and Referred/Deferred Exam periods (May/June 2024) is Thursday 21st March 2024

You must provide written supporting evidence from an appropriate person e.g. Imam, Rabbi, Vicar or Priest, in order for the request to be considered.  

If you have already advised the Exams and Awards Office and provided written support previously there is no need to do this again.

Exams and Awards Office

You can find information about fasting and how to cope during exams here: Fasting and exams


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