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How to find previous exam papers

Finding previous exam papers online

Previous exam papers are held by Library and Computing Services, they are catalogued on the library catalogue. 

Please note: Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent disruption to exams, the last exam papers to be received and digitised are from Semester A 2019/2020, There are currently no more recent examples available on Library Search.

Search using Library Search box on the Online Library page for your module's title or the DMD code of the module. From your search results, under Content Type in the left-hand menu, select Exam Paper. You may need to click on More .... Please see our helpful video for more details 

Please note that exam papers are only kept on Library Search for three years, and not all papers are available. 

For Staff: When bookmarking an exam paper in Talis, please be aware that the paper will be deleted from Library Search after three years. You will then need to bookmark a new exam paper. It is good practice to ‘request a review’ of your list every year as this flags up broken links. 


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