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Fire Safety for Off Campus Accommodation

Important fire safety tips for students living in private accommodation.

Moving into off-campus accommodation is an exciting experience, and Students usually have a lot to plan and organise with workloads and social events. It's important for you to remember to stay safe within your property, and to keep fire safety conscious.

  • Many fires reported to the Fire Services are caused by cooking appliances. Remember to never leave cooking pans or grills unattended. Also, only use a fire blanket on a chip pan fire, and never an extiguisher. 
  • If you smoke, never smoke in bed or whilst tired. Make sure cigarettes are fully stubbed out.
  • Never overload plug sockets with too many appliances.

There should always be fully working smoke detectors in all accommodation. If this is not the case for your property, please contact your Landlord. 

Read more safety information here

If a fire starts, call the Fire Service on 999 and provide as much information as possible e.g. the address, the potential cause, whether there is anyone else inside the building.

Never put yourself at risk. 

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