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Fire Safety: Living On Campus

Essential Fire Safety Information

Living on campus can be a lot of fun but please remain safety-conscious (and avoid the alarm being set off unnecessarily.)

 Campus Accommodation - Everyday Fire Safety

Keeping yourself and others safe from fire in campus accommodation

  • Never leave cooking unattended. If you’re using the oven, hob, toaster or microwave please take extra care. Also make sure that you’re not distracted when cooking for example, speaking on the phone - if you have to leave the kitchen, turn off the heat.
  • Remember to switch off electrical equipment when not in use.
  • Make sure to turn on the extractor fan when cooking and remember that the kitchen door must be kept shut at all times. This will also prevent smoke from unnecessarily activating the detectors.
  • Report any maintenance issues to the Helpdesk on de Havilland or the Oval on College Lane as soon as possible.
  • Frying with oil is an extremely common cause of fire. If one does occur NEVER put water on it as it may turn into a fireball.
  • If the fire alarm sounds, you must evacuate the building within three minutes. You are only able to re-enter the building once given the all clear by Security or Housing Staff, including the Resident Assistants.
  • Ensure that fire doors are kept shut at all times, including doors into kitchens. Please do NOT prop these open. Propping open fire doors is an offence under the Code of Conduct which forms a part of your license fee agreement.
  • All accommodation is non-smoking and candles, incense burners and shisha pipes are not permitted. This includes E-cigarettes. Smoking in a non-smoking area is an offence under the Code of Conduct which forms a part of your license fee agreement.
  • Our accommodation is equipped with fire detection and fire safety equipment such as smoke alarms, fire blankets and fire extinguishers. Tampering with this equipment is illegal, very dangerous and puts lives at risk.
  • Do not use a fire extinguisher to prop open any doors. Interference with fire safety is also a serious offence under the Code of Conduct which forms a part of your license fee agreement.
  • If your room has an ensuite, please remember to shut your door as shower steam can activate the smoke detector. Also do not use deodorant and hairspray underneath the smoke detector as these are common causes of accidental fire alarm activation.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding fire safety on campus.

Please contact a Student Support Officer, or visit the Student Support and Welfare Office (B440, 1st Floor, Hutton Hub, College Lane Campus or the Residential Services Office, de Havilland Campus)



Contact Us

Residence Life Team

Office of the Dean of Students

Today 08:30 - 16:00
Outside of office hours, in an emergency please contact Security (01707 281010 internal 1010)
B440 , College Lane
Today 08.30 - 16.00
Residential Services Office , De Havilland Campus