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Fit to Sit policy

What is the University’s ‘fit to sit’ policy?

The University operates a ‘fit to sit’ policy so if you decide to sit/submit an assessment, the University will not normally accept a claim that you had Exceptional Circumstances with regard to the assessment (See UPR AS14 Section C.3.8.4).   

For all assessments submitted online via Canvas other than timed summative quizzes, you are indicating that they are ‘fit to sit’ by pressing the submit button.  

However, the following two circumstances are considered to be exceptions to C3.8.4 

(i)              where, at the time of sitting or submitting the assessment concerned, the student was not capable of understanding that their performance was likely to be affected seriously by ill health and/or its treatment and this view has the written support from a psychiatrist or mental health practitioner who has been treating the student over a period of time. A GP may also give support if they are aware of (a) treatment or referrals to such specialists (b) an incident close to the assessment date that may have temporarily affected the student’s capacity to take decisions.  

Requests based on exception (i), must be made by a student via their Student Portal using the submit request function within fifteen (15) working days of the assessment submission date.   

(ii)            where a student suddenly becomes unwell during an examination or in-class test and elects to leave without completing the assessment. Where the assessment is invigilated, before leaving the examination room, the student must notify the Invigilator or Proctor of the Exceptional Circumstances which have necessitated their leaving the examination or test.   

Requests based on exception (ii), must be made by a student via their Student Portal by midnight on the calendar day after the on-line assessment. By submitting a request based on exception (ii), a student renders their original attempt null and void.   

You will need to provide the University with evidence to support an exemption from the ‘fit to sit’ policy, please make arrangements for the completion of this Exemption from Fit-to-Sit formand submit it to .

The 'Exemption from Fit-to-Sit form' needs to be provided within 30 calender days.  If the completed form is not received within this timeframe, the Exemption from Fit to Sit claim is most likely to be dismissed. 

By way of exception, in the case of a timed summative quiz on Canvas, students are indicating that they are ‘fit to sit’ by starting the quiz.   

If during a practice quiz students have technical difficulties or other issues which means they will not be able to do the forthcoming summative quiz, they should submit an Exceptional Circumstances request via their Student Record.  

If after a successful practice quiz a student starts the summative quiz but is unable to complete the quiz because of technical difficulty or disturbance at the location where they are completing the quiz – students should complete the Exceptional Circumstances request via their  Student Recordwithin 24 hours of the quiz start time. If the exceptional circumstances request is received after this period, the request will not be considered.  

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