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How to Report Fly-Tipping

Read how to report occurences of off-campus fly-tipping.

The local Police team often receive reports or enquiries from local residents about fly tipping.  Fly tipping is a crime and has a negative impact on our local community.  

Here is some advice:

DO:  If you witness fly-tipping in action, observe from a distance and call 999.  If you come across a fly-tip, contact the local council .  Alternatively call 101 and a referral will be made to the local authority.

DON’T IGNORE IT!  Fly-tippers can now be fined up to £50,000 in Magistrate’s Court or unlimited fines in higher courts, as well as community punishment orders or prison sentences of up to five years.

DON’T INTERFERE: with the tip unless there is danger of evidence blowing away, in which case contain it.


  • The location, date and time you witnessed or came across the fly-tip.
  • If the fly-tip is blocking a right of way.
  • A description of the waste – highlight anything that looks like chemicals or liquid waste.
  • If you saw any vehicles; what type, make, model, colour and registration were they?
  • How many people were involved and a description of them.

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