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Go Herts hoodies

Go Herts hoodies! Check here for all your questions answered!

Where do I pick up my hoodie? 

You can pick your hoodie up from either Seventy7 in The Forum, College Lane campus or the Gatehouse at de Havilland campus. Campus map is here. You must book your collection time slot in advance. 

Collection slots will be available from Monday 23 January until Friday 17 February.

I can't get to campus to pick my hoodie up on the available dates. Can I get it another time? 

Unfortunately, we are only able to offer collection between Monday 23 January to Friday 17 February.

Can my friend collect my hoodie for me? 

Yes sure! Simply make your booking and then forward your confirmation email with the QR code on to them to pick up on your behalf. Please remember, your confirmation email contains your unique QR code which can only be used once.  

How do I know which size hoodie to get? 

Check out our sizing guide in advance of collecting your hoodie, as we won’t be able to provide you with another one if it doesn’t fit. Please note that stock for each size is limited. 

My size is out of stock. Will you get more in? 

Unfortunately, no. We order a set amount of stock for each year group, so sizes are available on a first come, first served basis. Once a size has run out, we are not able to get any more. 

The hoodie I collected is too small/big for me. Can I swap it?  

We are unable to swap hoodie sizes. 

I lost my hoodie (or gave it to a friend/family member) can I get another one? 

Unfortunately, no. Our hoodies are available for one per eligible student only. If you choose to give your hoodie to someone else or you lose it, you are not able to claim another one. You can view  Herts SU's shop to view other options to purchase.  

Can I get a different colour? 

Our Go Herts hoodies are limited edition, and are only available in the grey, with the yellow ‘Go Herts’ lettering. You can view  Herts SU's shop to view other options to purchase.  

I’m no longer near/on campus. Can you deliver the hoodie to me?

Sorry, unfortunately we cannot send hoodies out to any students. You can, however, ask a friend to collect on your behalf. If you would like a friend to collect your hoodie, please book a date using your details, and forward the email with the QR code on to your friend as they will need this when they collect your hoodie.  

I’m a new student who hasn’t been offered a hoodie. Why is this? 

All eligible students will be contacted about collecting a hoodie.  If you feel you are eligible, please contact 

For any other questions, please email