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Go Herts Hoodies

Go Herts hoodies! Check here for all your questions answered!

Hoodie distribution for this academic year is now closed.


Frequently Asked Questions:

I didn’t get a chance to collect my hoodie – can I get one now?

Unfortunately we can only hand out hoodies during the allocated handout dates each semester. If you missed these dates and times, you will no longer be able to get a hoodie.

I’m an international student and was in quarantine when you were handing out hoodies

We are aware of students who have been quarantining. Email invitations advised students unable to attend to collect their hoodie to pass their QR code to a friend or classmate to collect on their behalf.

The hoodie I collected is too small/big for me. Can I swap it? 

Due to the pandemic and the need to limit contact, we are currently unable to swap hoodie sizes.  Please refer to the  sizing guide before going to collect.

I lost my hoodie (or gave it to a friend/family member) can I get another one?

Unfortunately, no. Our hoodies are available one per student only. If you choose to give your hoodie to someone else or you lose it, you are not able to claim another one.

Can I get a different colour?

Our Go Herts Hoodies are limited edition, and are only available in the grey, with the yellow ‘Go Herts’ lettering.


If you have any other issues or questions not answered here please email