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Grade Point Average (GPA)

Information about GPA and who will receive it.

What is Grade Point Average (GPA)?

GPA is a way of measuring undergraduate achievement. It is calculated at various points during undergraduate study to give an indication of your progress through your studies and to give a final measure of achievement at the end of your undergraduate programme alongside any award and award classification you receive

Why does UH provide GPA as well as an Award classification?

GPA is another way to understand your attainment and will give your personal tutor or others advising you additional information to enable them to better support your development.

Because GPA is widely understood elsewhere in the world, it may enhance your employability in a global market place to be able to demonstrate your performance on your University of Hertfordshire degree using this measure

How is GPA calculated?

GPA is calculated in a 3 stage process:

  1. For each numerically graded module you attempt (i.e. where the Board of Examiners awards a grade between 0 to 100), your module grade is mapped to a Grade Point (GP) using a standard scale (GP is a number between 0 and 4.5)
  2. At the end of each level of study an average is calculated of the ‘Grade Points’ for all modules at that level to a University of Hertfordshire approved methodology. This is known as your Level GPA and gives a measure of your performance at that level.
  3. Upon completion of your undergraduate programme an average is calculated of all Grade Points from all modules (at all levels) that have made up your studies on your programme. This is known as your Overall GPA and gives a measure of your performance across your whole programme.

How can I view my GPA?

You can view your Grade Points on your student record along with your module grades once these are published. Your level GPA and overall GPA will also be published on your student record at the end of each stage of your studies/the end of your programme.

Level GPA and Overall GPA will also be published as part of your transcript. This GPA information will be included on a separate GPA Summary page in your transcript so you can share it with potential employers etc if you so choose.

To view your student record, please click here.

Will all students get a GPA?

Since September 2017 all students (including postgraduate students) have received a ‘Grade Point’ for each numerically graded module they have studied.

However, GPA will only be calculated for undergraduate students. It is calculated as standard for all undergraduate students who embarked on an undergraduate programme from September 2017 onwards.

Unfortunately GPA cannot be awarded to post graduate students, nor can it be calculated retrospectively for students who embarked on their undergraduate degree prior to September 2017.