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Healthy Body

How exercise can help you to stay well and eating to nourish your body and mind.

Please see our Health & Fitness pages for helpful resources and information.

How exercise can help you to stay well:

We all know that being physically active can help us to look after our physical health, but it can also help us look after our mental and emotional health.  When we’re feeling a little stressed or low, exercise can help to divert our attention and release endorphins - happy hormones released by the pituitary gland in our brain.

  • When we exercise, our bodies release a chemical called serotonin which works with endorphins and is responsible for happiness, a healthy appetite and restful sleep. 
  • There are so many physiological effects that exercise has on our bodies which are important to consider to keep us healthy throughout our lives; heart, muscles, lungs, brain (as mentioned previously) bones and joints.
  • So go on – if you haven’t already, give it a try and see how it makes you feel.

Any form of movement should be celebrated! (whether its a walk, jog, yoga, weight lifting, frisbee etc.)

Active Students: Active Students is a programme which is FREE for all students and staff at the University of Hertfordshire.


Nourishing your body & mind:

Eating well doesn’t have to cost much.  It doesn’t have to take a long time.  It doesn’t have to be boring! 

In short, cooking can be fun, cheap and easy.  It can also help you to stay ultra-healthy, improve your levels of fitness, your concentration, your complexion, your social life and overall health.

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