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Hertfordshire Law Clinic

Students can get FREE legal advice from the university's pro bono law clinic

Hertfordshire Law Clinic offers FREE one-off legal advice to students and the University (as well as staff and members of the public). We cover family, employment, housing, consumer/contract, property, asylum and commercial/intellectual property.

Hertfordshire law students are trained to work in the clinic. They will interview clients; draft documents; and carry out research - all under the supervision of qualified lawyers.

You will either get verbal advice from a lawyer, confirmed in an Attendance Note, or written advice set out in a formal Letter.

All appointments are online using Zoom.

If you want to find out if we can help you please contact the Law Clinic on +44(0)1707  284115 or


We deal with a wide range of cases, and some common examples are:-

  • how to deal with a dispute over children
  • how to divide monies and property on divorce or separation
  • what claim you have against an employer if they sack you or disriminate against you
  • how to protect an invention or design when you start up a new business
  • what to do if your landlord serves you with a notice to end your tenancy
  • how to deal with a dispute over the boundary between you and your neighbour
  • what to do if a product you buy is faulty and the seller refuses to give you a refund


There are some limitations to the service we provide, for example we cannot:-

  • deal with a claim against the university
  • draft a letter on your behalf
  • consider lengthy documents
  • represent you at a court or tribunal hearing
  • draft a contract, statement or other document


Contact Us

Hertfordshire Law Clinic

Academic Schools

Today 9am - 5pm
Please leave a message if you call and someone will call you back. We are open 9 - 5 most weekdays during term time. However, there is NO drop-in service. All appointments need to be arranged by us in advance, so please telephone or email to start things moving.