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HOST links international students at UK universities with friendly approved hosts who offer an invitation to their home for a day, a weekend, or at Christmas

HOST UK brings together international students at universities and colleges in the UK with friendly British residents who welcome students into their homes for a short visit. Hosts give students an experience of the culture and way of life in Britain.

Why should I apply for a HOST UK visit?
Volunteer HOST UK families are carefully selected and enjoy having students from other countries and cultures stay with them as their guests. It is an excellent opportunity to sample home-cooked food; to practice English with native speakers, explore a different a part of the country with a local resident, and to talk about your country.

It is safe - because all hosts are known to HOST UK personally. You don't have to go alone. You can go with an international student friend or your partner/children if they are living in the UK with you.

Visits are available for one to three days at weekends all year round, Christmas, New Year and other festivals.

Whether you prefer to meet people near your place of study, or to travel to another part of the country, HOST UK will do their best to find the right invitation for you. All they ask is that you commit yourself to going on the visit they arrange for you.

How much will it cost?
You will need to pay the full unsubsidised fee to HOST UK. The current rate is £114 for a weekend visit (£36 for an accompanying partner), £66 for a day visit (£24 for an accompanying partner). If you wish to apply for a festive day visit, the fee will be £84 (£24 for an accompanying partner), and for a festive overnight visit £150 (£36 for an accompanying partner).

How do I apply for a HOST UK visit?
Applications are made on line at HOSTuk
HOST UK will then send a request to the Office of the Dean of Students to authorise your visit application. The University will only authorise applications for current UH studying students who have no outstanding University debts. The University will only authorise a maximum of two visits per academic year. Note however, if you make an application which you later fail to honour then the University will not authorise any further applications you make.

For further information see HOSTuk