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How student feedback is making an impact

Read more about the changes we have made at the University following your feedback.

There are so many things that you are already helping to shape and improve at the University. Here are some of the top things where your voice has already made a difference. 

More extra and co-curricular activities 

You told us you wanted more extra and co-curricular actives not only enable you to socialise more, but to also enhance your learning and provide you with activities to add to your CV’s. 

So we’ve added more events and opportunities that fit around your timetable. From field trips and academic support to industry networking events and a large social calendar, see what your School and SU has to offer. 

More social and study spaces 

You told us there wasn’t enough spaces to relax, catch up with friends and study, particularly between your lecturers. 

We have now added more spaces in and around your schools of study. We have also refurbished some of our cafes and common rooms to provide you with more flexible and comfortable spaces. Search ‘Social spaces; on Ask Herts to see where they are. 

Specialist study resources and support 

You asked for more access to specialist labs and also the opportunity to receive one to one support for some of the more specialist skills you need to develop for your course. 

We have made more and more of our specialist labs and technical equipment in your schools available for use outside of lectures. And our LRCs now have Study Success Hubs where you can get one to one specialist support. We have also upgraded all the Uni PCs and Macs with the most up to date software, and that’s in addition to 4,000 new books and e-books. 

Better campus Wi-Fi 

You told us the Wi-Fi was becoming unreliable making it harder for you to study. 

We’ve been busy upgrading the whole of our Wi-Fi network meaning you now have a faster and reliable connection when on campus. Visit for more information. 

Student lockers 

You told us that having to carry heavy books and equipment round with you all day between was really difficult. 

We have popped some new student lockers into the LRCs where you can store your belongings. No more dragging heavy bags around campus! 

Healthier food choices 

You asked us to provide some healthy grab and go food options on campus.  

Our food choices have had a big review. You will now find a huge choice of food options right across campus. From succulent rotisserie chicken and avocado wraps through to sushi, we have loads of healthy items in our restaurants and cafes.