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Credibility interviews as part of your Student Visa application

Information about interviews as part of the Student Visa application process in the UK, and how this will be communicated to you

What are credibility interviews?

  • Credibility interviews are part of the visa application process
  • The purpose of the interview is to ascertain that a student's intentions to study in the UK are genuine

Who will be interviewed?

  • Anyone who has applied for permission to remain as a Student

How will you be informed if you have an interview?

  • You will always be notified in writing via email and letter in advance of an interview taking place
  • You must confirm with the Home Office you will attend the interview
  • If you are unable to attend the date of your interview you must contact the Interview Hub immediately
  • Failure to attend your interview will result in your visa being refused
  • The Home Office will never ask for any payments over the telephone and you should not give out your credit card details.
  • If you are unsure about a letter or telephone call which you have received, please come and speak to a Student Immigration Adviser

What questions will you be asked?

You may be asked questions about the following:

  • Your course
  • Your academic history
  • Your future plans
  • Your personal background
  • Your finances
  • You may be asked for additional details and/or to confirm your details. You should always answer honestly.

For more information about interviews with the Home Office and what you may be asked please see our guide.

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