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Off Campus Wheelie Bins & Recycling

Love where you live - Keeping Hatfield clean!

Keep rats away, and our community happy!

Contaminated bins, overflowing rubbish, and fly-tipping are issues that arise in most communities, and affects all residents. In some cases, a student property is home to at least 5 housemates, resulting in a higher volume of generated rubbish.

Here are some useful tips to reduce your waste, and ensure your bins are regularly collected:

  • Think about your shopping list. Buying items you may not need will result in unnecessary waste. Smarter shopping will not only reduce the waste generated, but will save valuable pennies.
  • Buy all-purpose household cleaner, rather than purchasing a variety of products for individual cleaning tasks.
  • Reduce the waste caused by product packaging a, buy regularly used items in larger packs rather than multiple smaller quantities.
  • Sell or donate unwanted items! Someone could be benefiting from items you no longer use, and in some cases you may be able to earn extra cash! Get involved with your local car-boot sale or online auction website.
  • Do you know which items should go in each individual wheelie bin? 
  • Remember, contaminated bins will not be collected!
  • Do not leave bin bags next to wheelie bins. These will not be collected, and will often attract vermin. Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council can be contacted to arrange a bulk collection
  • Are you missing a bin, or have not had your bins collected on bin day? 
  • Wheelie bin lids must be closed, and bins must be positioned on the boundary of your property before 5am on the collection day. Please keep wheelie bins tidy, and off the pavement (unless awaiting collection).
  • Need to double check specific items to determine if it can be recycled? Check out the WelHat Council online A-Z list.
  • You should have received a bin collection calendar. If you haven’t, all details can be found online.

If you have any additional bin related queries that have not been answered via this article, please contact the Community Liaison & Support Officer (Dean of Students Office): or 01707 285165.

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