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Making a complaint

What to do if you want to make the University aware that something has gone wrong

We hope that you are enjoying your studies and life at the University and that we will never give you reason to complain.  However if there is something you are not happy with please tell us so that we can try to put matters right.  

 1) In the first instance, please email your informal complaint to the manager of the area in which the incident occurred. If you are not sure who this would be, please email us at and we can help to escalate this to the most appropriate person in the relevant department.

It is really helpful if you can include as much detail as you can as well as your desired outcome so that we can attempt to resolve your issue.

 2) If we have responded to your initial (informal) complaint but you still have concerns you can raise a formal complaint.  Full details and guidance about using the formal complaints process can be found on Study Net.

You are also asked to read the guidance on this procedure.