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Park & Stride

Why not Park & Stride?

Why not take advantage of the Park & Stride to help improve your fitness and wellbeing?

The Park & Ride car park is currently open to encourage our commuters to get active as part of their working/study day.

If you work or study at the de Havilland campus you can still take advantage of the Park & Stride by walking to the Forum Bus exchange and then jumping on any UNO bus that goes via the de Havilland bus stops to complete your journey (just show your UH ID card to the driver) or you could continue your walk.

Some helpful facts:

Average time to walk: 10-15 mins to College Lane (or 25-30 mins to de Havilland)

Distance: Approximately 0.8 mile (1.2km)

Average steps: 1,400 to College Lane

Potential calories burnt: +100 kcal