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Parking for students with a disability

Some students may be entitled to apply for a parking permit, due to the nature of their disability, which will allow them to park on campus.

Non Blue Badge Holders

Students who have a disability but do not have a Blue Badge can apply for an Extenuating Circumstances parking permit so they can park their car on campus or at the University halls on residences. 

Only those students who have a mobility difficulty or long term disability which affects their ability to use the Park and Ride facility will be awarded a permit. 

An Extenuating Circumstances permit does not entitle you to park in the accessible bays - just the student car parks

To apply for a permit:

  • Make an appointment or come to a disability drop-in with Student Wellbeing to discuss your request for a permit with a Disability Adviser.  You will be asked to provide your reasons for requesting a permit and to provide evidence of your disability which shows why you are unable to use the park and ride.  You can then
  • Complete an application form online  

Blue badge holders

Students who already have a blue badge do not need to have their application authorised by a Disability Adviser, but do need to complete an online application to obtain a parking permit.  You will be asked to upload a copy of your blue badge.

Please ensure when you park in an identified accessible bay that you clearly display your blue badg.

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