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PGR Student Visa Monitoring

Find out about attendance monitoring for PGR students on Student Visas

PGR Student Visa Monitoring

Student Visa holders are issued with an ‘attendance’ card each month to record their on-campus activity at the University to ensure they are complying with the terms and conditions of their visa.  Students are required to note a minimum of one in-person and on-campus activity per fortnight on the blue card.

Please email for a copy of the attendance card.

If the PGR student is part-time, the number of signatures required will be arranged individually by the Doctoral College team once the student’s working pattern and hours are known/what has been agreed with their supervisor. 

As well as the attendance cards, Research students also must attend the relevant Visa Check/s each year.


Who needs to get an attendance card signed?

The attendance card is for students on a Student visa only.  Other visa types do not need the card.  Doctorate Extension Scheme students do not need a blue card as they are no longer students.

What happens when I want to go on holiday or if I'm sick?

Please contact for an authorised absence form.  This must be completed and submitted before you go on holiday or as soon as possible during any exceptional circumstances that prevent you from coming on to campus at least once every two weeks.

What is classed as ‘attendance activity’?

Some examples of the types of activity which can be recorded on the blue card:            

  1.  Local induction                            
  2. Supervisory meetings
  3. Use of laboratory or other technical facilities
  4. Researcher Development Programme sessions
  5. Department/School seminars and events          
  6. Seeing a staff member at the Student Centre
  7. Progression assessment
  8. Submission for examination
  9. Doctoral College Administrator check-in
  10. Studying in the University's LRCs


What happens at the end of each month?

At the end of each month, students must email their attendance card to


What happens if you don’t return your card or do not get enough signatures?

Failure to submit an attendance card or not submitting the minimum number of signatures will trigger follow-up action by the University.   Please contact if you need any help at all with your attendance monitoring.