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Exam rules and regulations

Be prepared for your exams

The University's Policies and Regulations relating to Acdemic Assessment and Awards can be found here:

Regulations for Candidates can be viewed here:

A sheet entitled 'Instructions and Regulations for Exam Candidates' is placed on every exam desk prior to every formal written examination. This contains details of a number of exam regulations that candidates must follow. 

We suggest that you read these instructions now so that you are aware of your responsibilities. The wording can be found below.

Failure to follow these instructions and regulations may be treated as Academic Misconduct and will have serious consequences. 


 By attending the exam you are deemed to have read, understood and will comply with, the following instructions which includes the University’s ‘fit to sit’ policy on Serious Adverse Circumstances.


Raise your hand to speak with an Invigilator if you do not understand these instructions or if you have any questions during the exam

There is no entry to the exam room after the published start time.

Make sure that you are now sitting at the numbered desk indicated on the seating plan and your personal exam timetable.  Your attendance will be noted on the register by the invigilator.


Put your belongings in the area identified by the Invigilator.  Place on your desk:


* Your ID card (next to the desk number)

* Pens, pencils etc. required for your exam. Only transparent pencil cases are permitted

* Any material specifically approved on the question paper (if required)

* A transparent bottle/container of still water with NO label

* (if your exam permits their use) Your own University-approved calculator. These are any model of: Casio fx82; fx83; fx85; fx260 and fx300.  Sharing or lending of spare calculators once the exam has commenced is not permitted.  Calculators with non-detachable lids must be left open.

Penalties for Academic Misconduct can be severe, therefore, please read and follow these instructions:

Mobile phones, watches and any other electronic device must be switched completely off with any alarm de-activated.  They must be placed in your bag at the front of your desk. Check all your pockets/clothing now to ensure you do not have a phone on your person.


You should place a detachable calculator lid, glasses case and any other small items of value in your bag at the front of the desk for safe-keeping.


Check all your pockets/clothing for notes or other papers.  Leave anything that could be assumed to be notes in your bag at the front of your desk.  You must not use your own paper during an exam unless it has been specifically permitted on the question paper.


Check that there is no writing on any part of your body (even if it is not relevant to the exam). If there is tell an Invigilator before the exam begins.  Do not leave the room to wash it off without telling them in case you are not permitted re-entry.


You are not permitted to wear earplugs or in-ear devices during your exam.  If you are wearing a hat, baseball cap or hood you will need to remove it.

Food/sweets are not allowed on your desk.  If you have medical reasons that require you access to food or drink other than still water, please speak with an Invigilator now.


You must not access or retrieve your bag until an Invigilator tells you to do so.


As soon as you have read both sides of these instructions you may start to complete the FRONT page of your exam stationery.  It is your responsibility to ensure you have done this correctly.  You must not write anywhere else before the exam commences as this is an exam offence. You must stop writing when instructed to do so by the invigilator at the end of the exam.


The only place you are required to write your name is where indicated on the top right-hand corner of any answer book you are given.  You must seal this down before it is submitted.


Draw a line through any rough notes you have made in your exam stationery.


When you receive your question paper, check that the module code and title are correct.  You must not turn over or open the question paper until you are instructed to do so by the Invigilator.  Then check it is complete before you start writing. 


Once the exam has started you may not leave the room during the first 20 minutes nor the last 20 minutes unless you are in a room with specific arrangements (e.g. for disability or medical condition). 


In exams lasting 2 hours or less you cannot return to a room once you have left it unless you have provided medical certification to justify a period of absence. 


Should you feel ill during an exam please indicate this to an invigilator. You will be asked to leave the room and will not be permitted to re-enter. The invigilator will note the incident in the Invigilators Log and give you a leaflet on what action you need to take.


If there are any adverse conditions that you feel may be affecting you during your exam, you should bring these to the attention of an Invigilator. Please note rooms may feel cold due to the need to increase air flow.


Throughout the exam you must not attempt to communicate with any other candidate.  You must remain seated and silent until all exam stationery has been collected and you have been dismissed.  Do not remove any exam stationery from the room without authorisation.


Please leave the exam room quietly as fellow students may still be taking exams in adjacent rooms.



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