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Private Off-Campus Accommodation - End of Tenancy: Moving-Out Checklist

Ensure you are aware of your responsibilities as Tenant, to prevent losing your deposit.

 As the academic year draws to a close, it is important that those of you living in privately rented accommodation off-campus read the following Moving Out Checklist:

1.       Confirm with your Landlord or Letting Agent in advance (approximately two months) whether you want to renew or terminate your Tenancy contract.


2.       Sort through your belongings and throw out or recycle any items you no longer want or need. Websites such as Freecycle or Ebay can help shift items, and clear a space.


3.       Start packing belongings a couple of weeks in advance – most of us have more items than we realise. Do not wait until the last minute, which will result in a frenzied panic!


4.       Arrange re-direction of your mail and change of address. Don’t forget:


·         Welwyn Hatfield Council (ensure your Council Tax records are up to date)

·         University of Hertfordshire

·         Electricity supplier

·         Gas supplier

·         Water supplier

·         Internet/TV provider

·         DVLA

·         HMRC

·         Employer

·         Bank/Credit Card Provider

·         Doctors’ Surgery/ Dentist


5.       Start cleaning the property (your room and communal areas) one month before leaving. This will give you less to clean when you leave the property for the last time.


6.       Schedule a final inspection and completion of final inventory with your Landlord or Letting Agent.


7.       On your final day, take photos of your room and communal areas. This will act as useful evidence in future, if required.


8.       Take photos of final meter readings for gas, electric and water.


9.       At the end of your Tenancy Contract, send written notice to your Landlord/Letting Agent requesting the release of your deposit. If there are any disputes regarding charges deemed as unfair or unreasonable, raise a dispute with the deposit protection scheme asap. Please note, there will be a deadline for submitting a dispute claim, and so do this quickly.  


Please contact the University's Community Liaison & Support Officer for advice and guidance relating to living in private off-campus accommodation:

Email: or Telephone: 01707 285165

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