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Reasonable adjustments for exams and in class assessments

As part of your Study Needs Agreement you might be offered extra time or rest periods to support you to manage your conditions during exams and assessments.

As a general rule where students have a diagnosed difficulty which impacts on their cognitive processing they will be awarded extra time. Where students have a long term health or mental health condition they will be offered rest periods, where the clock is stopped and a student can pause, manage their condition and restart without negative impact on the time allocated to the assessment. In both cases the additional allowance will be up to 25%.


In some cases students may have a dual diagnosis and might therefore be entitled to both an award of extra time and stop the clock rest periods


To make an appointment to meet with an adviser, discuss your requirements and provide any medical evidence or diagnostic reports that you have which make recommendations for support or adjustments,  please contact us at Student Wellbeing or complete the self referral form

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