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Find out more about the PGR Student Forum


Your research student representatives are available to take forward any issues or comments you may have on your experience here at UH with Doctoral College staff.  You can talk to them directly on the MSTeams site 'PGR Community'.  Please log in to MSTeams using your student username and password - contact with any queries.


Representatives Role Descriptor:

As a research student representative, you will be a representative for postgraduate research students in your subject area.  You will have a key role to play in encouraging fellow students to contribute their views in all aspects of the student experience. 


 Key elements of the role:

To actively seek out and relay the views of all the students you represent in relation to their experience of the University.

To help ensure that the student perspective is considered in all decisions and developments.

To engage with staff in dialogue and exchange about the students’ experience of the University.

To communicate with the students they represent on the outcomes of staff and student discussions.

To attend Research Student Representative Forum meetings.

To take steps to make themselves known to, and to be easily contactable by the students they represent.