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Researcher Development Programme

The Researcher Development Programme (RDP) is a University-wide programme of free events for PGR students and research staff from all disciplines.

The RDP is designed to enhance the experience of our PGR students, and also support early career researchers, mid-career researchers, experienced researchers and supervisors in their continuous professional development.

Mode of delivery

Sessions are delivered both on campus and online by a mix of internal and external experts. All sessions are free to attend. 


All RDP sessions can be booked via RSMS, UH's Research Degrees Supervision Management System. 

Spring and Summer Schools

The RDP Spring and Summer Schools are designed to support part-time postgraduate researchers by offering a range of RDP sessions across a three-day event. The Summer School usually takes place in September each year, and the Spring School in May.

Vitae's Researcher Development Framework

The programme extensively covers areas highlighted by Vitae's Researcher Development Framework (RDF), which describes the knowledge, behaviour and attributes of successful researchers in four complementary categories:

  • knowledge and intellectual abilities 
  • personal effectiveness 
  • research governance and organisation 
  • engagement, influence and impact 

The RDF is structured in four domains, which encompass what researchers need to know to do research, how to be effective in their approach to research, when working with others, and in contributing to the wider environment. 

Within each of the domains are three sub-domains and associated descriptors, which describe different aspects of being a researcher.

Sessions currently offered as part of the RDP

Below is an alphabetical list of all RDP sessions offered during the current academic year, and the RDF domains they relate to:

  • A guide to Applying for External Research Funding for New Researchers (C)
  • Advanced Excel for Data Management and Analysis (A)
  • Agile Project Management & Teamwork (A, B, C, D)
  • An Introduction to Academic Publishing (A, D)
  • An Introduction to Sketch Engine (A)
  • Approaching the Literature Review (A)
  • Assertiveness & Resilience (B)
  • Attracting your own research funding: Writing & applying for fellowships (C)
  • Becoming a Member of your Discipline (A)
  • Build a research website in 3 hrs (D) 
  • Building a Second Brain? How to turn a notes app into a personal research assistant (A)
  • Communicating Your Research Online: Digital Tools, Strategy & Impact (D) 
  • Creative Story Telling: Selling your Research to an Audience (A, D)
  • Creative Thinking and Problem Solving (A)
  • Critical Reading & Research-Oriented Writing (A)
  • Critical Thinking (A)
  • Cross Disciplinary Research Methods (A)
  • CVs, Application Forms and Personal Statements (B)
  • Data Analysis in R (A)
  • Data Protection Law (C)
  • Developing Precision and Concision through Microwriting (A)
  • Dissertation (A)
  • Empowering Excellence: Navigating Academic Transitions with Confidence for Postgrad and Doctoral Scholars (A, B)
  • Establishing Good Writing Habits (A)
  • Expanding your Access to Resources for your Research (A)
  • Figures, Images & Visualising information (D) 
  • First and Second Progress Assessments (C)
  • Generative AI & the researcher: strategies, insights & practical uses (A, C, D)
  • Getting Published & Promoting your Research (D) 
  • Getting Started with Statistics (A)
  • Getting started with UH Library Services and Resources (A)
  • Getting to Know R (A)
  • GitHub (A)
  • Grant Writing Workshop for PhD and MSc by Research Students (C)
  • How Not to Procrastinate (or The Secret to Getting Started) (B)
  • How to Be an Effective Researcher (B)
  • How to Be More Confident (B)
  • How to Cope with Stress (B)
  • How to Succeed at Interviews and Assessment Centres (B)
  • How to write a scientific paper and get it published (A)
  • How to Write and Publish a Paper (A)
  • How to Write your Thesis (A)
  • Imposter Syndrome Essentials (B)
  • Inferential Statistics (A)
  • Intellectual Property Law (C)
  • Internal Examiner Training (B)
  • Interviewing in Qualitative Research (A)
  • Introduction to Excel (A)
  • Introduction to NVivo (A)
  • Introduction to Research Impact (D) 
  • Introduction to Statistics (A)
  • Introduction to Systematic Reviews (A)
  • Literature Review (A)
  • Literature Searching: Using Online Resources (A)
  • Making Sense of the Literature Review (A)
  • Managing Pressure Positively (B)
  • Managing your Reading and References with Zotero (A)
  • Maximise your Memory (B)
  • Mendeley Reference Manager: A hands on approach (A)
  • Meta Analysis
  • Mini-retreat 1: Making sense of your literature search results for doctoral students
  • Mini-retreat 2: Writing an important document for doctoral students
  • Narrative CVs: the what, the why and the how (B)
  • NHS Research Ethics (C)
  • Open Access: How it can help you (C)
  • Open Research: Purpose, Benefits, and What it Means for You (C)
  • Overcoming Challenges: Research, Resilience and You (B)
  • Poster Presentation (B)
  • Project Management for Researchers (PGR and postdoc) (B)
  • Public Speaking for PGRs and Academics (D) 
  • Qualitative Data Analysis: Methods and Techniques (A)
  • Qualitative Methods (A)
  • Quantitative Analysis of Survey Data and Related Design Issues (A)
  • Quantitative Data Analysis 1: Hypothesis Testing, Sample Size & Power (A)
  • Quantitative Data Analysis 2: Correlation & Regression Methods (A)
  • Raising the Visibility of your Research (C)
  • Rapid Reading (B)
  • Reflexivity (B)
  • Research Data Management (C)
  • Research Degrees Supervisor Training (B)
  • Research Ethics (C)
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective Researchers (B, D)
  • Social media bootcamp: strategy, digital profiles & connecting (D) 
  • Structural Equation Modelling SMART PLS (A)
  • Survey Design & Analysis 1: Collecting, Summarising & Analysing Survey Data (A)
  • Survey Design & Analysis 2: Data Analysis, Sample Size & Power (A)
  • Systematic Literature Reviews (A)
  • Technical Writing (A)
  • The British PhD and How to Bag One (B)
  • The Viva and Process of Research Degree Examination (B)
  • There is nothing so practical as a good theory (A)
  • Thesis Writing Bootcamp: Planning, Finishing & Avoiding Pitfalls (A)
  • Thriving Resiliently during your Doctorate (B)
  • Translating Your Research Interest into a Programme of Research (A)
  • TurnItIn (C)
  • Understanding & Planning for a Research Career (B)
  • Using Multiple Qualitative and Visual Methods in Research (A)
  • What to consider when selecting a journal for your research paper (C, D)
  • Working with Supervisors​​​​​​​ (D)
  • Writing a literature review with Zotero and Obsidian (A)
  • Writing a Winning Research Proposal (A, C)
  • Writing For and Submitting to a Journal (A, B)

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