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Submitting your Student Visa application yourself

Information about submitting your Student Visa application yourself.

If you would like the Student Immigration Team (Advice) to assist you with submitting your application online, then you should make an appointment to see an Adviser at least one week before your visa expires. If you want to submit the application yourself, then please ensure the following:

  • Create an account on the Home Office website to submit your online application
  • You will need your passport, BRP card, new CAS, national ID card (if applicable), Police Registration Certificate (if applicable), UK National Insurance Number (if applicable), UK Driving License (if applicable), financial documents (if you have not been resident in the UK for the last 12 months), academic qualifications and transcripts as listed on your CAS
  • To pay for the Immigration Health Surcharge and Visa Application Fee, you will need a debit or credit card
  • Scan and upload your documents during the online application process, otherwise you will have to take them to your appointment if you are required to re-enrol your biometrics and you will be charged for them to be scanned
  • Print the Document Check List if you need to attend a biometric enrolment appointment
  • If you are required to attend a biometric enrolment appointment, print the  appointment confirmation letter with the QR code for the UKVCAS Service Point
  • Attend your appointment with your appointment confirmation letter and passport to register your biometrics
  • You will have to wait until you receive your BRP from the Home Office before you book any travel abroad. It will be delivered to you by courier. The BRP card is your evidence that you have been given more time in the UK (this will be your visa – your visa will no longer be stamped into your passport).       
  • Never travel abroad without your BRP card as well as your passport.

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