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Student ambassadors

Student ambassadors are current undergraduate and postgraduate students that are keen to share their experience and offer advice to prospective students.

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What do student ambassadors do? πŸ€”

Student ambassadors support the work of the Marketing and Communications team and are responsible for representing the University in activity primarily aimed at prospective students. This activity will include supporting student recruitment events (open days, applicant days and taster days), participating in visual and written content creation, acting as a first point of contact for online enquiries and supporting with school visits and HE fairs.

Once you are registered as an ambassador, you do not need to apply again, and will continue to be an ambassador throughout the duration of your studies unless you resign from the scheme.  

Responsibilities πŸ“

As a student ambassador, you will primarily be providing event support (ie supporting key student recruitment events including supporting your School/course at our open days, applicant days and taster days) - these events are mandatory for all ambassadors to participate in. In addition to event support, you will be given the opportunity to a variety of other jobs depending on the needs of the University, this may include supporting Marketing and Communication with event set-up and preparation, telemarketing, administrative work, photoshoots and wayfinding during peak times in the academic year (ie start of term, graduation etc), as well as working during the summer to support with Clearing.

Ambassador specialisms ✨

As well as the general responsibilities for all student ambassadors, there are also three specialisms that you can express your interest in joining - acceptance on to a specialism may require additional interviews and training provided by the related team in Marketing and Communications.

Social ambassador

Supporting with content creation

As a Social ambassador, you will be involved in all things content creation and help to paint a picture of what life at Herts looks like through photo, video and written content. Social ambassadors may produce this content themselves or feature in photo/video shoots led by the University’s marketing team.

Social ambassadors may be involved in:

  • Content production (ie video, photography and blogs) for use on the university’s channels
  • collaborating with other content creation ambassadors to develop ideas
  • providing photo/video coverage for events on campus
  • developing creative, trendy ways to showcase life at Herts etc.

Education Liaison ambassador

Supporting with school visits/fairs

As an Education Liaison ambassador, you will support the University Education Liaison team by being an active participant in external visits to schools and Higher Education fairs/exhibitions, as well as helping out with school visits to the university campus.

Education Liaison ambassadors may be involved in:

  • delivering talks on student life or a specific subject area
  • confidently answering prospective students’ questions about their areas of interest in a face-to-face setting
  • assisting the Education Liaison team with setting up and facilitating school visits etc.


Online student support (via Unibuddy)

As a Unibuddy you will act as a first point of contact for prospective students and operate online via the Unibuddy messaging platform. Unibuddies are a brand ambassador for Herts, answering questions from prospective students and sharing inspiring and exciting content (ie blogs and vlogs) about your life as a Herts student.

Unibuddies will be involved in:

  • One hour a week dedicated time on the platform responding to prospective students queries about life at Herts and course info
  • creating blog and/or vlog content to showcase what it’s like to study at Herts etc
  • creating a buzz: share their passion and enthusiasm for their course and Herts.

Why should I become a student ambassador? ⭐

Being an ambassador has many great benefits, such as:

  • Developing your skills 🧰 - the activities you'll be involved in as an ambassador are varied and offer a range of transferrable skills. One day you could be delivering a talk on student life at a local school, and the next showing prospective students around the University. Working on events will help you increase your confidence and help you gain skills and experience in public speaking, organisation, problem solving teamwork and your communication skills, to name a few!
  • making your CV stand out πŸ“ƒ - employers love to see fun, extracurricular activities when you apply for a job. Your experience as an ambassador can help you highlight key skills, like time management, presentation, customer service and networking skills. Plus, it shows that you were actively engaged in university life outside of your studies
  • represent your School and course πŸ₯³ - show prospective students and guests how proud you are to be a member of the Herts community by representing your School of Study, your course, and the University as a whole, at a variety of events
  • making new connections 🀝 - becoming a student ambassador is a great way to meet new people outside of your course and make new friends, connections and expand your network
  • earn money while you study πŸ€‘ - being an ambassador is an easy, flexible way to earn money around your studies! There's no minimum requirement of hours for you to work each week or set hours a week, so it's completely flexible around you and your studies!

Job description πŸ“„

This role is flexible around your studies, and as such there is no guarantee of hours/work each week. There are no minimum hours required to work per week, however students are expected to work a minimum of 8 hours throughout the academic year.

International students will be required to work hours in line with their student visa if relevant – working no more than 15 hours per week during term time.

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