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Student ambassadors

Student ambassadors are current undergraduate and postgraduate students that are keen to share their experience and offer advice to prospective students.

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What do student ambassadors do?

Ambassadors support various teams at the University and are responsible for representing Herts at a variety of exciting events and activites, primarily aimed at prospective students. As an ambassador you will be involved in the following types of events:

  • open days
  • applicant days
  • taster days

Depending on your interests, you'll also have the opportunity to get involved with:

  • campus and accommodation tours
  • start of term
  • clearing
  • supporting your school at interviews (on campus and online)
  • telemarketing (to support prospective students in their decision making or application process)
  • visits to and from schools and colleges (on campus, off campus and online)
  • higher education fairs (on campus, off campus and online)
  • student experience talks (on campus, off campus and online)
  • university taster days for year 12s
  • UCAS fairs
  • unibuddy (this may involve supporting prospective students through online chat, writing blog articles about your University experience)
  • social media content (vlogs, interviews, tours, videos)
  • live Q&A sessions
  • voiceover work
  • photography/videography subject
  • other marketing activities
  • ad-hoc events for your school of study

Why should I become a student ambassador?

Being an ambassador has many great benefits, such as:

  • Developing your skills - the activities you'll be involved in as an ambassador are varied and offer a range of transferrable skills. One day you could be delivering a talk on student life at a local school, and the next showing prospective students around the University. Working on events will help you increase your confidence and help you gain skills and experience in public speaking, organisation, problem solving teamwork and your communication skills, to name a few!
  • making your CV stand out - employers love to see fun, extracurricular activities when you apply for a job. Your experience as an ambassador can help you highlight key skills, like time management, presentation, customer service and networking skills. Plus, it shows that you were actively engaged in university life outside of your studies
  • making new connections - becoming a student ambassador is a great way to meet new people outside of your course and make new friends, connections and expand your network.

Job description

Some students may be limited in the number of hours they are permitted to work due to any visa restrictions. Outside of term-time, students may apply for an increase in hours by contacting the Student Information Service team in Ask Herts. More information about this can be found on Ask Herts here.


Applications to become a student ambassador are now closed for this academic year.

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