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Student Discipline - Code of Conduct, Non-Academic Offence

Find out about the University Student Code of Conduct, the University and Student Union commitment to you and what is expected of you as a student, including an overview of Non-Academic Offence

The Student Code of Conduct - UPR SA01

The University is a large and complex organisation of more than 30,000 students and staff and has Policies, Rules and Regulations (UPRs) to ensure it runs smoothly.

It is a community whose members work and study in close proximity with each other and the University owes a duty of care to, and has responsibilities towards, each member of that community.

Students have a responsibility to adhere to these Rules and Regulations to uphold the good name and reputation of the University of Hertfordshire both on and off campus.

For such a community to continue to be successful, it is essential that its individual members adhere to certain standards of good behaviour as set out in  UPR SA01

The University is also an important part of the local community, particularly Hatfield.

Statement of Responsibilities and Commitments

The Statement of Responsibilities and Commitments UPR SA01 Appendix 1 summarises the responsibilities and commitments of students and staff for continued success and should be read in conjunction with the Studnet Code of Conduct.

Student Charter 

Our Student Charter is designed to guide you through your time at the University to ensure you  make the most of your experience.

All students are encouraged to read the Charter so that they know what they can expect at Uni and what is expected of them.

Misconduct - Non-Academic - UPR SA13 Student Discipline

Disciplinary Procedure

The vast majority of students never have any involvement with disciplinary procedures but these will be applied to any student who does not follow the Regulations and is involved in allegations of non-academic misconduct by breaching the non-academic regulations of the University 

This flow chart gives an overview of the main stages of the non-academic misconduct investigation process

FAQ's Non-Academic Misconduct

Schedule of Sanctions UPR SA13 Appx. 1 highlights potential Sanctions for breaches of the University's Rules and Regulations.

Penalties range from minor (e.g. an informal warning) to the most severe (e.g. permanent exclusion from the University).

The University and Student Union has a Responsibility and Commitment to you as a valued member of our community.

If there is an allegation of a Disciplinary offence (also known as Non-Academic Misconduct) then:

  • allegations will be fully investigated by an independent investigator
  • if there is a case to answer then an informal resolution may be possible
  • if an informal resolution is not possible then you may be called before a Student Disciplinary Panel which has the power to impose disciplinary sanctions

You will be entitled to be accompanied at any investigatory meeting or panels that you are required to attend. There is an appeal process in the event of Sanctions being imposed:

Form for review following a Non-Academic Misconduct Student Disciplinary Panel

Form for review by Vice-Chancellor lifting temporary suspension

Need more help?

You should always seek guidance. The Student's Union Advice & Support Centre  is a good place to start and can provide advice and support.

Graduate Attributes

Our aspiration is for graduates who have developed the knowledge, skills and attributes to equip them for life in a complex and rapidly changing world.

In addition to their subject expertise and proficiency, the University’s graduates will have the following attributes:

  • Professionalism, employability and enterprise
  • Learning and research skills
  • Intellectual depth, breadth and adaptability
  • Respect for others
  • Social responsibility
  • Global awareness

Here is further information about the University of Hertfordshire  Graduate Attributes