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Student Discipline

Find out about the University Code of Conduct and what might happen if a student is suspected of breaches this code

The Code of Conduct

The University is a large and complex organisation and there have to be rules and regulations to ensure it runs smoothly. The University also expects students to remember that they have a responsibility to uphold the good name of the University both on and off campus.

The University has a clear Code of Conduct (UPR SA01) which sets out the expected standards and a Schedule of Sanctions (see UPR SA13, Appendix I) that can be applied for breaking the Code. Penalties range for the minor (e.g. an informal warning) to the most severe (e.g. permanent exclusion from the University).

The Disciplinary Process

If there is an allegation of a disciplinary offence (also known as non-academic misconduct) then:

  1. Allegations will be fully investigated by an independent person
  2. If there is a case to answer then an informal resolution may be possible
  3. If an informal resolution is not possible then you may be called before a Student Disciplinary Panel which has the power to impose disciplinary sanctions

You will be entitled to be accompanied at any investigatory meeting or panels that you are required to attend. There will be an appeal process in the event of sanctions being imposed.

Notes for Guidance, Flowcharts and FAQs are available on the Personal Life section on StudyNet.

Need more help?

You should always seek guidance. The Student’s Union Advice and Support Centre is a good place to start.