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Student feedback - why your voice matters

When you voice it and give feedback, you help to shape your education and your experience at Herts.

Why is student feedback so important? 

Without your voice, the University won’t know what’s working and what needs improving. Your opinion matters to us and we always encourage students to tell us how we’re doing, and to work with us to make positive change. 

That’s why you will see a few surveys taking place throughout the year from the University and Hertfordshire Students’ Union.  Read more about the different surveys.

How do we tell you what’s happening with your feedback? 

The most important part of sharing your feedback with us, is seeing what happens as a result, right?

We will always share results of surveys and polls through our student newsletter and social media channels. If you have an individual piece of feedback, please allow a couple of working days before one of our staff members get back to you. We care about your voice and we will do everything we can to make it count. 

Types of surveys

Our student surveys range from finding out about your views on technology and teaching methods, to what you think about the buses and food.  Read more about the different surveys we run.

What other ways can you Voice It? 

Surveys aren't the only way to share your feedback with the University. There also lots of other opportunities for you to Voice it. Find out what these opportunities are. 

How your feedback is already making an impact

There are so many things that you are already helping to shape and improve at the University. Read more about how your voice is making an impact at the Unviersity.