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Student Reps

Be the voice of your fellow students!

What is a Student Rep?

Student Reps work with Herts SU and the University to raise your feedback about your course. They're students, just like you! They're a handy link between students and staff, making sure the academic experience at Herts is the best it can be.


Become a Student Rep

If you would like to be a Student Rep for your course, head to our website (here) to find out more about the role and how you can put yourself forwards. It's a great opportunity to develop your transferable skills and, in turn, is a great addition to any CV. If you're passionate about making a difference and improving your time at uni, it could be a great position for you!


Chat to Your Student Rep

If you'd like to find out who your Student Rep is, go to StudyNet (here) where a list of your Student Reps will be detailed on your course pages. Make sure you familiarise yourself with your Student Rep(s) and don't be shy in giving them feedback for your course, they'd love to hear from you!