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Student surveys

The University holds a number of surveys through the year enabling you to Voice it and share your feedback.

Our student surveys range from finding out about your views on technology and teaching methods, to what you think about the buses and food. 

End of Module feedback

Module Feedback questionnaires are your opportunity to provide feedback on the specific modules you are studying. They take five minutes to complete and really help your lecturers understand what you have enjoyed or found difficult about their teaching methods and course content.  

Your feedback will be used to review how modules are delivered and to make changes to things that aren’t working, but to also keep doing more of the things that are working.

While your feedback will be annoymised, lectures will get to read all of the comments submitted. It’s therefore important to remain constructive, respectful and professional in your responses.

To complete the survey, please visit the Module Feedback and Evaluation section of the Units area of your module and click the link title Provide Mid-Module Feedback.​

Start of Term Survey 

Every 2-3 years we run a survey all about your new student experience. This is your chance to tell us about your first few weeks on campus, asking you about student living, sports facilities, student support and your initial reactions to Herts.  

National Student Survey (NSS) 

The NSS is a large survey of all final year undergraduate students across the country! The NSS aims to gather your feedback about your university experience as a whole. The NSS results then contribute to league tables that map the quality of universities in the UK. 

Postgraduate Research Experience (PRES) and Postgraduate Taught Experience (PTES) 

These surveys are for postgraduate students only, each running every other year. PRES and PTES is a chance for PG students to feedback on their experience and teaching quality.