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Student Visa Holders – Working at the end of your studies

Information for international students working in the UK after you have completed your course

Upon completion of your course, you can usually work full-time for up to a maximum of four months dependent on how much time you have left on your Student Visa. Remember – you cannot work full-time until you have completed all your studies including referred/deferred modules, coursework, project, or exams and you have reached the official end date of your programme. This also applies to PhD students.

For the purposes of working after your studies, the course end date of your programme is the course end date listed on your CAS, unless you have any further studies to complete. If you begin working full-time after your CAS end date and subsequently find out you have further studies to complete, then you will need to go back to working within the 20 hours per week restriction. If you complete your course earlier than the end date listed on your CAS you should wait to work full-time until the programme board confirms your early completion and you are notified we have reported the early course completion to UKVI.

For work at the University, HR must confirm to your manager that you are able to increase your hours before you do so. Please be aware this does not guarantee that your manager will be able to allocate you any extra hours.

There are several options available to students who want to remain in the UK to work at the end of their course; please see the UKCISA website for details.

Graduate visa route

The Graduate Visa was introduced in July 2021 and allows Student Visa graduates to stay in the UK for up to 2 years to find work (3 years for PhD graduates).

See the Graduate Visa page for more details and eligibility criteria.

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