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Student Wellbeing - How to find us

Student Wellbeing are located within the Hutton Hub building on the College Lane Campus.

We are on the first floor of the building and can be reached via

  • Lift access
  • Level access
  • Stair access

The easiest way to plot your route is to download the HertsMobile app and to use the wayfiinding tool. Remember once you have added in your destination you also have to add your start point. If you want to find the most accessible route, there is a function for that too!  Download the Herts Mobile app here

Lift access

We have three different lifts you can use to reach us.

A - Platform lift

This connects the D corridor (by D450) to the first floor of the Hutton Hub. It takes you up a small elevation, the equivalent of 5 steps. Once you have come out of the lift, pass through the double doors and turn right. Student Wellbeing is located on your left. 

B - Platform lift

This connects the ground and first floor of the Hutton Hub. If you are on the ground floor, you will find the lift outside the Hertfordshire Students' Union. Take the lift up to the first floor, exiting to your right through the single door. You then take the next door to your right through into the Hutton Hub and follow the bridge across to Student Wellbeing. 

C - Passenger lift

There is a Passenger lift available, however the access is limited. If you are unable to access Student Wellbeing using either platofrm lift, please ask a member of staff in Ask Herts (Ground floor Hutton Hub) who will be able to advise you

Level access

There is level access into the first floor Hutton Hub where you won't need to use any stairs or lifts.

1. Enter the D corridor in the main building and follow it and turn off at the C400 corridor

2. At the end of the C400 corridor pass through the double doors and turn left onto the B corridor.

3. At the end of the B corridor you will see an entrance to the Hutton hub by the Student Support Office.

4. Enter the Hutton Hub and you will see us just over the bridge. 

Stair access

There are three different routes you take to find us using the stairs. These are:

  • Off the D corridor by D450 - a small flight of 5 steps
  • Ground floor of the Hutton Hub, just before the medical centre - a full flight of stairs
  • By the Students Union - a full flight of stairs.

Driving to Hutton Hub

The closest car park is the Forum car park.

If you require an accessible parking bay, there are a number close by including:

  • The end of the rear service road, right by the entrance to the D corridor
  • The entrance to the Hutton Hub from the front of the campus, entering in-between Hertfordshire Students Union and the Careers office.
  • The Forum car park

If you have any further questions on where we are located, please contact us. 


Contact Us

Student Wellbeing

Today 8.30 - 17:00
Student Wellbeing is closed at weekends and during holiday periods.
Hutton Hub, College Lane

Car Park Management


Today 09:00 - 16:30
Hutton Building, College Lane