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Applying to Study Abroad

How can I apply to study abroad?

Application Procedure Flow Chart




Complete the online application form.


The online application portal can be found on the Study Abroad site on Studynet, link:
Your Programme Leader must sign the Research form (found on studynet) to give their approval of your application.


The online application portal will be open after the summer holidays (September 2024) for 2025-26 academic year. 




Applications are sorted by preferred partner (1st choice) and ranked by a weighted average based on available academic results.
Places are allocated at each partner university based on these results and the number of paces available at the partner universty.


If it is not possible to offer you a place at your 1st choice then your 2nd and 3rd choices will be considered.





You will be notified to which partner university you have been allocated and a nomination will be sent to that partner on your behalf.


If you decide to proceed (and are accepted) you will be sent application details (online or paper-based) for you to make a direct application to the partner.





Where applications to partners are paper-based, you may need to return these to the Study Abroad Office where they will be copied and sent to partners.





You are required to attend a pre-departure meeting which will be held on 17th April 2024.  An email invitation will be sent nearer the time with information.

During the pre-departure meeting,  the Study Abroad Office will provide further information about your time abroad and there is the opportunity to meet with fellow students going to the same partner universities as yourself.





You must complete a Learning Agreement, listing the modules that you propose to take whilst studying abroad in conjunction with your Programme Leader. The learning agreement must contain enough modules/courses with a total of 60 UH credits per semester.


You need to make an appointment with your Programme Leader to agree your programme of study. In addition, if taking a Replacement Year, you must supply the Programme Leader with module information so that they can confirm that you will be following a matched programme.


In addition, if taking a Replacement Year, your School Associate Dean (Academic Quality Assurance) or nominee must countersign the Learning Agreement.

It's students' responsibility to ensure  that they are taking sufficient credit at the partner university which would normally be expected of a full time student at that partner university.





Where the Study Abroad Office receives offer letters/

confirmation from the partner university, you will be contacted once they arrive. You will require these documents to apply for visas.


You are advised not to make travel plans until you have met both academic and school requirements and you have permission from the school to go.

You must satisfy progression rules within your school, which may require a grade point average that you must achieve. Module failure may prevent you taking up study abroad.






When you arrive at your host university, you must ask the study abroad coordinator to sign and stamp your Confirmation of Arrival Form and countersign your Learning Agreement.



9. It may be on arrival (or later) that you need to amend your Learning Agreement. All changes must be approved by your Programme Leader, and in the case of a Replacement Year the School Associate Dean (Academic Quality Assurance) or nominee as well. The updated learning agreement must be emailed to the Study Abroad Office sfter it has  been signed by your UH programme leader and the partner university.


The online application portal will be open after the summer holidays (September 2024) for 2025-26 academic year. 

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