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Summer Vacation Accommodation 2023

It is usually possible for students to stay on campus during the summer vacation, if we have rooms available.

Summer vacation applications are now open and you can apply through the accommodation portal.

Summer accommodation is only available on the College Lane campus.

In order to apply please follow these steps:

1) Sign in to your accommodation account or create an account if this is your first time applying for on campus accommodation.

2) Open the 2022/23 academic year and  scroll down to the Summer Vacation option.

3) Click on the "Create Application" button and complete every step in the application process. When your application is submitted you will receive an email confirmation.

Prices range from £106.40 to £222.74 per week and the following rooms are available:

  • Studio Flat £214.27 - £222.74pw
  • Enhanced £179.90 - £187.11pw
  • Standard £169.40 - £176.40pw
  • Townhouse £159.74 - £166.11pw
  • Telford £126.70 - £131.67
  • Twin £106.40 - £107.73pp/pw (Limited availability)

If the room type you wish to apply for is not listed above, then unfortunately it will not be available during the summer.

The last night you will be able to stay on campus this year will be 8th September 2023 – you will need to vacate your room by 9am on 9th September.

If you are currently living off campus and wish to take up a room on campus for the vacation, you will be able to move in from the 22nd July.

If you have a room booked with us from September 2023, please advise us of the Flat and Room Number in the Important Information section of the application form.

Please be aware that we will not be able to make an offer of accommodation if you have any outstanding debt to the University, or any disciplinary on your record.  

Conditions of summer accommodation

  • You must not have any debt to The University or a final warning for disciplinary action
  • Apply by the 31st May - we cannot guarantee to house anyone who applies after this date
  • If we have more applicants than rooms priority will be given to those on extended courses (who have applied before the closing date)
  • You may be required to move to a different room
  • The cost of your summer accommodation booking is payable in advance.
  • Please note that once an offer has been made and accepted, there will be a £25 variation of contract charge for any alterations or cancellations.

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