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Summer Schools applications now open!

What are summer schools and how can you apply for them.

 Calling all first, second and third year students, as well as post-graduate students!

If you've missed out on studying abroad, are eager for round two, or want to get a taster before taking part in a study abroad exchange, this is your chance.

Embark on an unforgettable journey and dive into a summer of knowledge and discovery at one of our Summer Schools, located in 16+ countries over five continents.

Summer Schools are between May – August and vary between 1 – 4 weeks in length. Some of our Summer Schools, in countries such as Morocco, South Korea, France, Sweden, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Austria have FREE tuition fee and some partners have free social activities!

Ignite your intellectual curiosity and desire to travel with plenty of engaging and enriching programs designed to inspire and empower. You can choose programs outside of your field of study and they cover unique and interesting topics in an immersive learning environment.

Connect with students from around the world and create lifelong friendships with like-minded peers as you expand your horizons and build your global network. Acquire skills that set you apart in your academic and professional journey and enrich your summer with a vibrant calendar of social and cultural events. From guided tours, sightseeing, beach parties and picnics, nights out, hikes, sports, river cruises, intercultural evenings, quiz nights, hot springs, dance workshops, music festivals, and amusement parks, there is something for everyone!

Link for information and application form: Module units: Study Abroad (

This is not your typical classroom experience; it's a unique blend of education and adventure. Don't miss this chance to combine the joy of travel with the pursuit of knowledge – contact the Study Abroad Team today for more information! 

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