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Sustainability at UH - Autumn Photo Competition 2023

Autumn Photo Competition 2023



Thank you to everyone who took part in our photo competition: the Magic of Autumn. It seems this beautiful time of year is a great source of inspiration for many, and with over 100 fantastic photo submissions, all showcasing Autumn through a different lens, the judges had their work cut out! After much deliberation, however, 3 winners were eventually selected, and we are pleased to congratulate members of staff Richard Kelly and Katie Simmans and student Tik Chan on their incredible photos that sum up Autumn so perfectly! We hope you enjoy your prizes!





Another well done goes out to the 10 Highly Commended entries: Haylee Lederer, Julia Good, Magdalena Liszka, Krishna Kedia, Andie Hann, Tik Chan, Derek Victor, Damini Durgesh, Tyrese Frederick, Ann Lennox. You can see all of the entries here in this video.








If you didn't win this time round, there will be more opportunities as we continue to run more of these campaigns across the seasons. In the meantime, please do tag us in any photo posts, as we do love seeing our community engaging with nature: Instagram & Twitter.

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