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Sustainability at UH - Sustainable Development Goals at Herts

Sustainable Development Goals Flag-raising Ceremony

This week marks the 8th anniversary of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): 17 goals that guide us to a more inclusive, just, and sustainable world by 2030. To celebrate the occasion, and recognise the role that the goals play in our environmental and social governance, staff and students from across the university came together to help raise the SDG flag. 


About the Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a global blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and planet. The 17 goals were adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 under the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The framework is an urgent call for action for all countries, developed and developing, setting out the steps we must take to end poverty and other deprivation, improve health and education, reduce inequality, tackle climate change, and preserve our oceans and forests. Test your knowledge of the goals here

While the goals fall broadly into 3 areas; social, environmental, and economic, they are very much inter-linked and often co-dependent. You can read more about the goals here.

Here at Herts, we have an integrated and holistic approach to sustainability, and the sustainable development goals underpin many of our strategies and commitments such as:

We are committed to mitigating our impact on climate change by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. In 2022 we became a Race to Zero signatory, and through our Net Zero Action plan we aim to be a net zero institution by 2050. You can help by ensuring lights, IT and other electrical equipment are only on when needed, by making low-carbon food choices, traveling sustainably to work, and thinking twice about what you buy. Find out more tips here.


Our Estates and Procurement teams work closely together to reduce the environmental impact of what we buy, use, and throw away. We follow the principles of the waste hierarchy, and strive to reduce, reuse, and repurpose wherever possible. You can help by ensuring that you only buy what you need, and checking if the item may not already be going spare elsewhere in the university on our Marketplace page. Here you can also give items that you no longer need, a loving new home.


With three campuses covering more than 200 hectares of land, the University of Hertfordshire is home to a wide variety of habitats, from ancient woodlands to amenity grassland, ponds and lakes, to a pinetum. As stewards of the land, we are commitment to not only protecting but also enhancing the biodiversity across our campus. You can help by disposing of waste correctly, and by taking part in our biodiversity initiatives such as litter picks and nature surveys.  


At Herts we strive to create an inclusive and fair environment, where all staff and students feel valued, respected, and can be themselves. From training and assessments to events and networks, we offer a number of services and opportunities to equality is promoted and supported across our community. Click here to find out more about Equality and Diversity at Herts.


People are at the heart of the University of Hertfordshire and a key priority is looking afte the health and wellbeing of our community.  We do this by promoting and facilitating active lifestyles through programmes such as Active Staff and Active Students which offer free opportunities to be active daily on campus and if working remotely.  We also enable and support good work life balance through our workplace policies, and take proactive steps towards good heath and wellbeing by engaging in initiatives such Wellbeing Clinics, flu vaccinations and our Employee Assistance Programme. Click here to find out more: Herts Wellbeing


As an anchor institute in the region, we are committed to delivering impact not just within our 4 walls, but also within the communities around us, be they residents, charities, public bodies, or businesses. By working with partners such as the Hertfordshire Climate Change and Sustainability Partnership (HCCSP), Chamber of Commerce, Sustainable St Albans, and Welwyn & Hatfield Litter Action group to name a few, we are helping Hertfordshire become more sustainable too.