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Sustainability at UH - 'Tis the Season to be Green

'Tis the Season to be Green



Send us your sustainable actions over the festive period for your chance to win!

Upload evidence of your 'Tis the Season to be Green action here to add an entry to our prize draw! Please complete one form per action. Each action submitted will count as an entry (max 8 actions per person). For an extra entry, upload a screenshot of you sharing on socials and tagging us.

Entries close on 4th January 2024, 23:59

There are 8 categories that you can upload an action for: 

- Sustainable Cards

The UK uses 300,000 tonnes of card during the festive period, enough to cover Big Ben 260,000 times!

Tips/potential actions:

  • Avoid shiny and glittery cards that aren’t recyclable
  • Choose cards that have the FSC logo
  • Alternatively send e-cards
  • Make the cards you receive into gift tags

- Sustainable Decorations

The UK throws away approximately 500 tonnes of Christmas lights each year.

Tips/potential actions:

  • Try making homemade decorations
  • Reuse decorations
  • Reuse your artificial tree 10 times to negate it’s carbon footprint
  • If buying a real tree choose a local grower
  • Opt for LED Christmas lights

- Sustainable Gifts

81 million unwanted gifts are received in the UK each year. 1 in 10 unwanted Christmas presents end up in landfill.

Tips/potential actions:

  • Buy experience and activity gifts
  • Buy growable and edible gifts
  • Buy reusable/recyclable gifts
  • Buy local
  • Re-gift

- Sustainable Wrapping

Consumers in the UK use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year.

Tips/potential actions:

  • Avoid shiny and glittery wrapping paper that isn’t recyclable
  • Reuse gift bags/boxes
  • Try using Japanese furoshiki cloths to wrap gifts and reuse

- Sustainable Food

270,000 tonnes of food is wasted over the festive period

Tips/potential actions:

  • Buy food that’s local and in season
  • Buy loose vegetables
  • Try more meat-free options
  • Create a shopping list and meal plans to reduce food waste
  • Clear your freezer out so there is space for leftovers
  • Try out different recipes to use up leftovers


- Winter Walks

Connect with nature this winter and see what your sustainable actions can help protect.

Benefits: Free exercise, helps to clear your mind, good for your physical and mental health, good activity to do with family and friends.


- Sustainable Clothes

The average family increase spending on clothes by 43% during the festive season. 1 in 4 Christmas jumpers are only ever worn once.

Tips/potential actions:

  • Choose pre-loved
  • Swap clothes
  • Repair/ restyle / upcycle clothes you already have


- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The amount of plastic waste discarded in the UK at Christmas equals the weight of 76,000 giraffes! There is over 38 times the amount of packaging per gram of chocolate in an advent calendar than the same product in a bar. Every year 40 million Christmas crackers are thrown away each year – lined up end to end, this equates to 1,220 Mount Everests!

Tips/potential actions:

  • Choose a reusable advent calendar
  • Choose reusable/recyclable Christmas crackers
  • Reuse/recycle packaging
  • Be wary of fake Christmas deals tricking you to buy more than you need
  • Plan ahead to avoid impulse buys


Join us in making this festive period a sustainable one!

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