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UH Community Fridge

Help us to reduce food waste, by sharing unwanted food with with other students and staff via the Dean of Students Office Community Fridge.

Food waste is a big problem in the UK! The average household throws away £470 worth of food every year!

Most food waste (£4.1 million tonnes) is avoidable, and could have been shared with others.

Are you going away for the weekend, or moving back home for a few days?

Do you have food that will expire whilst you are away?

Visit The Oval on College Lane Campus and place unopened food items (it must still be within the 'Use-By' date)  inside the fridge (or on the table if it doesn't require refrigeration).

Don't forget to log the items you are sharing, on the logging-in sheet!

The Community Fridge is available for all UH Students and Staff. Please only take what you need, and don't forget to log the items out on the logging-out sheet.

All statistics are collected, to determine how much unnecessary food waste is saved from the bin!

Accepted food items:

  • Sealed packaged foods
  • Cheeses
  • Fresh fruit
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Tables Sauces
  • Pastry (bakery items must he labelled with ingredients)
  • Unopened pasturised milk and yoghurt
  • Unopened fruit juices
  • Salads
  • Fresh eggs (traceable Lion stamped eggs with clean shells and a use-by date)

Food items not accepted:

  • Cooked food (from your home or an unregistered source)
  • Bean sprouts
  • Cooked rice
  • Unpasturised milk
  • Pates
  • Unlabelled foods
  • Raw milk cheeses
  • Unpackaged or unlabelled bakery items

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