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UH Fraud Warning (Student Payment)

Information on if a third party offers to pay your tuition or accommodation fees

It has come to our attention that some University of Hertfordshire students have been approached by a third party who is offering to pay their tuition or accommodation fees on their behalf, and in return the student pays them a reduced amount.

If you are approached by such an individual, please DO NOT engage in any financial transaction with them or provide any of your personal details to them.

They are using stolen credit card details to make payments to the University. These payments will be charged back (recalled by the bank).  We cannot stop these bank chargebacks, payments will be returned by our bank, you will be subject to bank charges and continue to owe the fees despite making a payment to the fraudster. You will still owe money to the University. 

Always make payments direct to the University. Information on how to make payment can be found at

Sometimes fraudsters will pretend they are contacting you from the University. Please also note that genuine University of Hertfordshire emails will always end with

If students are found to be engaging in fraudulent activity they will be reported to the police and will be prosecuted for their involvement in criminal activity.

The University of Hertfordshire has a zero tolerance towards fraudulent activity and as well as being reported to the police, students could also face disciplinary proceedings.

If you believe a crime has been committed then you need to contact the police direct via or telephone 101.

You may also be advised to report the matter to

If you have any questions on the above please do not hesitate to contact Student Account Management on or by telephone 01707 284800 and ask for the Student Account Management team.