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US Loans Enrolment Notification

How we inform the US Department of Education and loan services of your student enrolment status

US Loans personal data reporting requirements

In accordance with US regulations, we are required to submit and report personal data about you and your studies in relation to your federal loans to the US department of Education and any existing loan servicers you may have who contacts us for information about you.

We will normally report your attendance, contact details and any changes of these to the US Department of Education via the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) or via any paper forms that the loan servicers may send to us. This is so they are aware that you are studying e.g. full time or at least half time, or less than half time. We will also report the final details once you have graduated or left your studies.

If you are not planning to take out any Title IV loans but want to have your student status reported via NSLDS so that any existing loan repayments can be deferred, as appropriate, please contact

How we report your student status

Statuses explained

  • If you are in full time studies you will be reported as ‘full-time’ (F)
  • If you are not studying full-time, or you are studying via distance learning, you will be reported as ‘less than half-time’ (L). When your degree award has been confirmed, your status will be changed to ‘Graduated’ (G)
  • When you receive your degree award you will be reported as ‘graduated’ (G)
  • If you subsequently withdraw from your studies, you will be reported as withdrawn (W)
  • If you need to suspend your studies for less than 180 days you will be reported as ‘Approved Leave of Absence’ (A)

 How your status affects loan payments or deferment requests

 US regulations do not allow Federal loan funds to be disbursed if your mode of attendance is reported as 'less than half time', 'withdrawn' or 'graduated'. If you have already received a payment for that term, then we will have to recalculate your loan entitlement. This may result in an overpayment and loan funds may have to be returned to the US Department of Education. Please refer to our general guidance and information for more information.

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