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Using O'Reilly Safari Learning Platform

How to use the O'Reilly platform to access e-books

O’Reilly Safari learning Platform (formerly Safari Books Online), gives you access to the full-text of over 37,000 technology, digital media and business e-books as well as videos, case studies, learning paths (video series) and tutorials.

There is no limit to concurrent users and the O'Reilly app allows you to create playlists and read offline.

The first time you access the platform:

  • Type in your and click Sign In.

To access the entire Learning Platform:

  • from the Online Library page 
    • click A-Z list of search sources, scroll down and click O'Reilly Safari Learning Platform
    • OR type O'Reilly Safari Learning Platform into Library Search
  • You will then be able to:
    • search the entire collection
    • find books, case studies, and videos by topic
    • explore learning paths and tutorials
    • create playlists

Reading an individual title:

  • Click Start Reading Now
  • You will then be able to:
    • view the Table of Contents
    • read online
    • highlight text and add notes (you can also share these)
    • change the display
    • search inside the book

Have a look at this video to get started.

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